Noi si Cerul (We and the Sky)

An Amateur Astronomical Journal by SARM

Brief History
The journal "Noi si Cerul" (We and the Sky) was born at the beginning of 1996 as an informative bulletin of SARM. The first two issues were issued in Targoviste (4 pag) and Cluj-Napoca (12 pag). Starting with its 3-th number, the bulletin became Noi si Cerul.

The journal has been distributed always freely, being thought as a public outreach publication and not a scientific one. Its principal readers are Romanian amateur astronomers and students. Through the years, many valuable papers has been published here, as well as exclusive interviews with many astronomy personalities, Romanian or from abroad.

Right from the beginning, the editorial board attended diverse astronomy conferences worldwide, where they presented and distributed the journal that until 2000 was bilingual (in Romanian and English).

Between 2000-2002 there was a one year and a half period when Noi si Cerul ceased to be published due to some problems in the Editorial Board, but since 2002 this inconvenience has been surpassed. Right now, our journal is issued monthly, in a black and white A5 format, the information being considered more important than the graphic appearance. Moreover, Noi si Cerul continues to be distributed for free!

Any publishing contribution is welcomed!

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