Perseids 2001,
"frame of the sky"

Brief Description
The astronomical event Perseids 2001 represented the nineth yearly national camp dedicated to astronomy and observations since its first edition in 1993 in Romania. Organized by SARM (The Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy), it has continued to be a guide to promote the astronomy through the young observers of meteors, deep sky objects, comets, planets, asteroids, the Sun.

Perseids 2001 contained two modules, gathering in total about 70 participants: the Corbasca camp (Moldavia, North-Eastern Romania), organized in the country side between 21-30 July 2001 by Dan Mitrut (SARM's vice-president), and the Piatra Arsa camp (Bucegi mountains, 1950m alt), organized between 9-17 August by Valentin Grigore (SARM's president and founder).

The following observational results at Perseids 2001 were presented by seven SARM members as the Romanian contribution to the International Meteor Conference (IMC 2001) in Cerkno, Slovenia, Sep 20-23, 2001: the papers "Romanian Observational Campaign on Summer Meteor Showers in 2001" (link here) and "New Radiants in Cygnus", and the artistic stand titled "Meteor Art".

Here is another IMO report on Perseids as seen by Alex Conu at Piatra Arsa.

Beside the night observations, the projects included daily classes and workshops and lectures in general astronomy, photography, observations, etc, the 5th edition of the astronomical contest with prizes, and of course many trips to great country side and gorgeous mountain regions.

Perseids 2001 at Corbasca

Welcome to the Astronomy Camp at Corbasca!
Dan Mitrut, our great organizer and host at Corbasca
We just arrived! | Many tents...
The Corbasca camp | View from the camp
Here they are! (the telescopes)
The official opening, participants and collaborateurs
SARM's flag above the telescope tent
The church near the camp

That rainbow stopped the first 2 days of rain!
Set up the instruments | Long line to look to the Sun!
Alex Conu, Vali Grigore and Sergiu Olteanu
Catalin Diaconu looking through the Carena refractor of Emil Neata
Vali and Catalin near the Meade LX 50, SARM's biggest telescope (10")
Adi Sima and Ionut Ilesoi pointing the scope to the Sun
Which one to choose to look through?!
General view with participants and instruments
An observer site view, after an observing night
Light in the cloudy morning, when the observers sleep

The trip! | The monastery | A water well
Trip to Palanca (background), a 7-family village!
By the old monastery | A halting place | To the trovanti site!
The trovanti site on the Mitrut family property
Trovanti, the rocks that grow! | Trovant detail
Relaxing fishing moment at Palanca
On the hill in Palanca

To come or not to come... (Gelu waiting)
Finally to the meal!
In the light of the sunset
Group on the porch of Dan's grandmother

The Cosmopoetry festival hosted by the Corbasca Club Town Hall
Two cosmopoets, Andrei Dorian Gheorghe and Sergiu Olteanu
The official prize awards (students, participants, lectors, contributors)
Doru's and Eliza's recital
At the camp closing,
diploma and something sparkling for the mayor of Corbasca

The director of Corbasca school, host of the camp
The official camp closing, a last look to the camera shutter

Astronomy Courses at Perseids 2001
The workshop, papers, talks
Professor Mihai Tetileanu from Hateg,
taking about his Total Solar Eclipse adventure in Angola June 21, 2001

Classes on the green grass | Under the umbra, the workshop

The following summer courses were been held by SARM lecturers at Perseids 2001 at Corbasca (this is a record for Perseids camps):

  • Initiation in Astronomy (Valentin Grigore and Dan Mitrut);
  • Meteors (Valentin Grigore and Dan Mitrut);
  • Variable Stars (Alexandru Conu);
  • Using Astronomical Instruments (Adrian Sima);
  • Astronomical Photography (Dan Mitrut);
  • Deep Sky Objects, a Practical Training (Emil Neata);
  • Meteorology (Dan Mitrut).

  • Astronomy Contest at Perseids 2001
    Ionut Ilesoi, co-organizer of the astronomical contest
    Adi Sima, co-organizer of the contest (the Instruments section)
    The official prize award moment!
    The 1st place prize award, Cristina Tinta
    The 4rd place prize award, Eliza Trandafir

    Alex Conu and others organized the fifth edition of the Perseids Youth Astronomy Contest with prizes sponsored by the friends of SARM, Alin Tolea (US) and Dr. Mirel Birlan (France). The following students won the contest this year:

  • First Place: Cristina Tinta Vass
  • Second Place: Emil Neata
  • Third Place: Galan George
  • Fourth Place: Trandafir Eliza

    Another unexpected good news at Perseids 2001 was three students devoted to become professional astronomers!

  • Perseids 2001 at Piatra Arsa
    Since 1993, one of the most important observing site of SARM has been Bucegi mountain plateau at 2000m alt in the gorgeous Romanian Carpatian Mountains, about 200 km North of Bucharest. There, the transparency of the sky is extreme, reaching about 6.5 and sometime 7 mag, visible with the naked eye! The second part of the Perseids 2001 has been organized by SARM at Piatra Arsa (the Burned Rock) challet in a mountain region surrounded by jnepeni, a rare preserved alpine conifere. Evidently, beside the night observations, there are many breathtaking trails to be hiked!

    The Bucegi mountain plateau at 2000m alt!
    Piatra Arsa challet, SARM's alpine observing site since 1993

    Perseids 2001 observers at Piatra Arsa
    SARM meeting at Perseids 2001, 11 Aug 2001
    Stefan, Raul, Ema, Eliza, Ionut and Emil
    Other participants | Other observers

    Piciorul Pietrei Arse
    Busteni spa view from 1900m alt
    A mountain flower | And a butterfly
    Cascada Urlatoarea (The Roaring Falls)
    Valea Horoabei (Horoabei Valley)
    The Cross (Crucea), a 70 yrs old memorial at 2100m!
    The trip to Omu and Costila peak
    Coltii Morarului (The Miller's Crags)
    The way to Omu (the Man) Peak
    In the Clouds!

    Valentin Grigore, SARM's president and founder
    Group foto Perseids 2001 Camp at Piatra Arsa
    Perseids 2001, another Frame of the Sky...

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