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The Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy - SARM
Asteroids, Comets and Meteors Observed by the Eyes of the Soul
(verse page exhibited at the “A.C.M. 2002” Conference in Berlin)


The sky watches the Earth 
through thousands of eyes,
sometimes shedding luminous tears.
        (Valentin Grigore)
Are the meteors immortal songs,
Guiding us to eternity?
          (Eliza Trandafir)
Asteroids - secondary
effects from Creation,
dandelions orbiting differently
in the wind of gravitation.

Bathed by a rain of falling stars,
the exalted planet says:
“Thank you, Comet,
for sacrificing your matter!”
          (Stefan Berinde)

Comets - daughters of light
caressing space
and growing younger time.
Asteroids- mutinous candidates
for the planetary hierarchies.
          (Dan Mitrut)

Meteors- bright sky insects
buzzing in the nights
when some earthlings dream
about the high flights.
         (Andrei Dorian Gheorghe)
My thoughts are tired and happy,
following meteors grown up
in the arms of the night.
          (Diana Maria Ogescu) 

All these worlds in the sky
spread their lights for us too.
And we are, for others,
a tiny point of light,
sometimes next to a comet.
         (Calin Niculae)
The comets for the skies are
like the thoughts for the people.
All of them pass quickly,
but they never leave you alone.
          (Elena Sorescu)

Comet, remember your road back,
and, thus,
remain in our sky for ever.
Immortality… is not for us!
         (Dan Mitrut)
Meteors. Defying the abyss,
Symbols with lost senses.
          (Tina Visarian)
O, you, meteors, letters from beyond…!
         (Adrian Sima)

Melted meteor- wax on the altar
of the living hearts.
          (Adrian Sima)

Suddenly, a big surprise,
A yellowish point, so timid,
Appearing in the horizon:
It’s our love asteroid!
         (Stefan Berinde)
Thank you, heaven, for your confessions
through drops of light.
          (Valentin Grigore)

It’s raining stars over the blind Earth.
It’s raining stars soaked by milk.
Chains of night rattle in the sky.
          (Dan Mitrut)
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