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Astronomy Catalogs, Databases:

NASA Astronomical Data Center
(Portal to access hundreds of Astronomy Catalogs)

VizieR Service
(Portal to thousands astronomy catalogs, queries, etc)

CADC - Canadian Astronomical Data Centre
(Portal to astronomy catalogs, database)

GSC Star Catalog
(v.1 - 19 milion obj, v.2 ~ 500 milion obj, queries)

USNO Star Catalogs
(Query USNO-A2, 526 milion stars)

2MASS - The Two Micron All Sky Survey
(Stars & galaxies catalog/database and atlas/images in the near infrared)

DSS - CADC Digitized Sky Survey Interface
(Sky atlas/images and catalog online to query)

DSS - The STScI Digitized Sky Survey
(Sky atlas and catalog online, queries, images)

Aladin (CDS - Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg)
(Interactive Sky Atlas Online)

SIMBAD Astronomical Database (CDS, France)
(Astr object query by identifier, coordinate, reference code)

The Internet STELLAR DATABASE (Roger M. Wilcox)
(Stars within 75 light-years, search, ecuat & (x,y,z) positions, etc)

Ephemeris (Planets, Asteroids, Comets, Satellites):

HORIZONS Ephemeris Generator
(JPL, planets, asteroids, comets)

ASTEPH Asteroid Ephemeris Generator
(Asteroid Ephemeris by Lowell Observatory)

Serveur d´éphémérides (BdL, Paris)
(Serveur d'ephemerides, incl. some planetary theories)

Minor Planet & Comet Ephemeris Service
(Ephemerides, queries, observability, etc)

Small-Body Search
(Object Identification from Observations, good to check for a possible discovery!)

MPChecker: Minor Planet Checker
(Check for known asteroids in a given region)

ICQ Comet Information Website:
(Comet eph, visibility, data, history)

IAU Minor Planet Centre (SAO, IAU)
(Asteroid eph, MPC Circulars, NEA confirmation page, etc, etc)

USNO Astronomical Applications Department
(Data Tables, Software, Algorithms, etc)

Solar System Data:

JPL Solar System Dynamics
(Solar System Data, JPL/NASA)

Planetary Satellite Mean Orbital Parameters
(Planetary moons & mean orbital elements)

(Sun images and info from SOHO satellite)

ASTORB Database
(The Asteroid Orbital Elements Database, Ted Bowell)

Views of the Solar System
(Solar System images, comments, resources by Calvin J. Hamilton)


IMO (The International Meteor Organization)

The American Meteor Society

IMO Fireball Data Centre
(Report bolid observations)

MIAC (Meteorite and Impacts Advisory Committee, Canada)

SARM (The Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy, this is us!)

Near Earth Objects:

JPL Near-Earth Object Program
(NEOs, close approaches, impact risks, etc)

NeoDys (Near Earth Objects Dynamics Site, Italy)
(NEA elements, database, impact risks, etc)

LINEAR (Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research)
(US Air Force and NASA)

The Spacewatch Project
(Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, Univ of Arizona)

LONEOS (Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Object Search)

NEAT (Near Earth Asterod Tracking, JPL)

EARN (European Asteroid Research Node)
(NEA and PHAs database, distributions, physical properties)

The Spaceguard Foundation

Eclipses, Occultations:

Fred Espenak Eclipse Home Page
(Solar & Lunar eclipses, maps of visibility, timings)

IOTA (International Occultation Timing Association, US)

Asteroid Occultations Europe, North Africa and Middle East
(By Ludek Vasta & Jan Manek)

IOTA Asteroidal Predictions
(for Western hemisphere and areas not covered by other sites)

Deap Sky Objects

NED - NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database
(Server of nonstellar objects, references, papers, etc)

Introduction to Galaxies (Personal, Wiedenhoff)

Astronomy News:

Science @ NASA
(Astronomy news, subscription, etc)

Space Telescope Science Institute
(Press release archives)

Space Today Online
(Space & astronomy news & info)

ESA Science
(European Space Agency news & info)

Sky & Telescope
(Popular astronomy magazine, news, etc)

Astronomy Education:

Teachers' Newsletter The Universe in the Classroom
(ASP's astronomy education topics, exercises, etc)

Light and Matter: educational materials for physics and astronomy
(A few introductory .pdf textbooks for high school or college level)

ADS Digital Library
(A few astronomy books online)

Core List of Astronomy Books
(List of major astronomy books)

GSU Astronomy Labs
(Introductory Astronomy Labs, Georgia Univ)

CLEA Project
(Practical astronomy labs to download, Gettysburg College, US)

Star Quiz
(11 basic astronomy tests with answers)

Evolution of the Solar System (NASA)
(Solar System texbook online)

Astronomy Notes
(Online astronomy course for beginers)

How to compute planetary positions (by Paul Schlyter)
(Practical guide, two body problem incl some perturbations)

Astronomical calculations (by Keith Burnett)
(Algorithms, Excel programs, transf coords, rise/set, charts)

Let's Talk Stars, hosted by David Levy
(astronomy talk radio shows having different guests)

Biblioteca de Astronomie Online
(astronomy books in pdf, mostly in Romanian)

All Science Fair Projects - Category: Celestial Mechanics
(classic celestial mechanics articles, incl formulas, demonstrations, etc)

Astronomy Courses at UVic
(astronomy courses level 120 & 200 at Univ of Victoria, Canada)


How To Build A Telescope - by Olle Eriksson
(A step-by-step guide to build your own 8-inch Dobsonian telescope)

The Telescope Review Web Site
(Commercial telescope reviews, beginner advices, articles)

Small Dob Web Site - by Mark Pippin
(devoted to Dobsonian reflectors diam < 25 cm)

(Telescopes & binoculars classifieds (mostly in US), forums, reviews, etc)

Observations, Observing Tools:

The Constellations and their Stars
(A brief constellation guide by Chris Dolan)

BinoSky (Practical guide about stargazing with binoculars)

Hunting Asteroids From Your Backyard
(Dennis di Cicco, S&T)

Basics of Meteor Observing
(Sky & Telescope, Alan M. MacRobert)

Advanced Meteor Observing
(Sky & Telescope, Alan M. MacRobert)

View from Satellite
(View the Earth as seen from a satellite in Earth orbit)

Heavens Above (Chris Peat)
(Observing times for Space Station, Iridium Satellites)

Signal-to-noise calculator for CCD photometry
(Calculates S/N for a star obs with a telescope & CCD)

Bad Astronomy (Phil Plait)
(Misconceptions, questions, answers)

TASS, The Amateur Sky Survey

Interested in a Career in Astronomy?

AAS Astronomy Job Register
(Jobs in Astronomy, mostly in the US)

103 FAQs about A Career in Astronomy (The Astronomy Cafe)
(Things to know about a career in astronomy - Sten Odenwald)

Un ghid practic pt aspirantul la doctorat in US
(Mihai Budiu, abvice about admission to PhD in the US, in Romanian)

Astrophotography, Images:

Catching the light - astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss
(Deep sky photo/images, techniques, etc)

Astronomy Picture of the Day (NASA)

AAO Astronomical Images (mostly by David Malin)
(Astronomical images, info & refs about astrophotography, etc)

Astronomy Publications:

The NASA Astrophysics Data System
(Major professional journals online)

ArXiv e-Print archive
(Recent professional preprints in (Astro)physics, Math, Computers)

Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics
(Cambridge University Press - Dictionar online by Martin V. Zombeck, SAO)

Astronomy Software Portals:

Planetarium Software
(Astronomy software list for Windows, Mac, X/Linux, web)

Astronomy Software
(Freeware, shareware and commercial Software list)

SourceForge Astronomy Software
(Astr software for Linux, Windows, other OSs)

Astronomy Software on the Internet
(Quasar Publishing, Rob McIntyre, Win/DOS/Mac web list)

ASTROTIPS - Astronomy Software (Hugo Valentim)
(Reviews! Downloads, Guides, Resources, Forums, Chat, etc)

Radio Astronomy:

Sky Scan
(A project of RASC Edmonton to observe meteors by radio in Alberta, Canada)

(Observe meteors, aurora, solar activity on VHF)

OH5IY's Home page
(I. Yrjölä amateur radio astronomy site, incl meteors)

EME, SETI, Radio Astronomy, DSP and Radio Amateurs
(Amateur Radio Astronomy, Educational, etc)

Other Astronomy Portals:

List of astronomy resources
(HEASARC - High Energy Astrophysics NASA)

Essentiel ressources d´astronomie sur le reseau internet
(Institut de Mecanique Celeste, BdL, Paris)

Astronomy Links
(Scott Berfield - copy from Sky & Telescope?)

Astronomy Links

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