Bolidul (The Fireball)

Astronomical Bulletin by SARM

Brief History
Since its first number in November 1998, Bolidul's main purpose has been to become a brief astronomical news bulletin with regular apparition, exclusively dedicated to the astronomy and to the interest for most of the amateurs. Following two years as a printed bulletin written mainly in Romanian, since January 2001 it is also available on the Internet being distributed by email to any interested parts.

In November 1998 Deak Zoltan and Valeriu Tudose issued the first printed version of The Fireball, under the name of Urania. The printed bulletin included 2 pages under the heading of SARM (The Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy). In 1999 its name was changed by vote to the actual name, Bolidul (The Fireball). The board included Valeriu Tudose and Adrian Sonka, then since 2000 Deak Zoltan who joined the team and issued the 4-page bulletin. Because all the three board members represented also The Bucharest Astroclub, since July 2000 The Bucharest Astroclub joined SARM in a common effort to publish this non-profit bulletin.

In December 2000 the members unanimously accepted Zoli's suggestion to make Bolidul available through the Internet/E-mail, therefore since January 2001 Bolidul appears in the new electronic Adobe format.

Effective June 2001: Due to some membership changes in its board, the entire Editorial Board of Bolidul remained vacant as with its 13th fatal number. By July 2001, the same former board of Bolidul has been started to publish a new electronic bulletin, Vega, an electronic journal of the Bucharest Astroclub that can be downloaded from The Bucharest Astroclub website.

Effective January 2002: SARM re-established Bolidul in a new electronic Adobe format. Also it has a new Editorial Board: Director: Valentin Grigore, Redactori: Cătălin Bunofschi, Ana-Maria Gâdescu, Răzvan Ciomârtan, Costi Movileanu, Andrei Răscanu.

Any publishing contribution (Romanian or from abroad) is welcomed!

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